a little bit about us

Araceli Solano

The descendent of a long line of successful gardeners, Araceli tucks away her

non-existent green thumb & gives two brown thumbs up to local Agriculture. 


Araceli has high hopes for a community owned grocery store with easy access to healthy options for all.. She is enthusiastic about supporting local producers & educating the community about sustainability & local impact on the environment. 

Araceli is a founding SCFC Member.

She currently serves as member-nominated Screw City Food Co-op Board President.

SHE awaits your thoughts, ideas, & direction.


As President of the Board her role is to help guide the co-op from dream to reality.

This role is up for election at

the annual owner's meeting, October 2021.

susan wheeler

Susan has the privilege of being a financial coach. Inspiring families, individuals & business owners to think differently about where their money is stored & financed. as well as helping people achieve their financial goals! Being an independent business owner for over 10 years she has inspired learning about the movement of money & how to use it as efficiently as possible. 

she believes that Contributing positively to her community is very important! From offering respite care for behavioral youth, to providing day-to-day mentorship to those struggling with significant depression. she encourages eating local & healthy food daily to everyone & anyone who will listen.

her experience as a business owner, community member, & lover of local food sources have all contributed to her success as vice-president. she has a passion for building up Rockford & creating a food community through our grocery store.

Raymond Garcia

Native of San Antonio, Texas.

Ray Moved to Illinois in 1990.  Retired from the medical profession in 2016. Owner of a five acre farmette for the last 5 years. He enjoys raising pigs, chickens, & turkeys. Raymond’s wife

Sharon has taught him how to be a  gardener.


Joined Screw City Food Co-op in 2018 & has held the position of Treasurer for last two years.

He has gained the knowledge of business while servicing the Screw City Food Co op. He was also a Scoutmaster of Troop 411 for three years.


Raymond lives by the farmer wisdom. “There is no diet that will do what  eating healthy does.”  

We are the founding board members of the screw city food co-op.


we are local producers & consumers working together to build a community grocery store.


The desire to create & connect local food & sustainable goods with our diverse community drives us to build the space we call Screw City Food Co-op!