A diverse community of
producers and consumers

We are the founding board members of Screw City Food Co-Op. We are dreamers and lovers of all things local, sustainable, and healthy. We believe the greater Rockford Area deserves a grocery store chain that has the community as their top priority and is owned and operated by the very community it serves.

With humility, gratitude, and patience we strive to meet the needs of our diverse community, bringing us closer and stronger, increasing the value and vitality of our land and community. A community owned grocery story is the only way to guarantee access to nutrient-rich, sustainably and locally produced goods.  We strive to support our local farmers, allowing them to focus on the fields and yields by facilitating consumer access to their goods. 

About the Board


Araceli Solano

Araceli has high hopes for a community owned grocery store with easy access to healthy options for our every day shopping. She is enthusiastic about supporting local producers and educating the community about sustainability and local impact on the environment. 

Araceli is a founding SCFC Member, currently serving as President, where her role is to help guide the co-op from dream to reality. She awaits your thoughts, ideas, and direction.

S Wheeler.jpg

susan wheeler

Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Susan transplanted to Rockford in 2003. She is a local food junkie who truly appreciates farmers. Susan and her husband, Jason, owned and operated a local restaurant, The Wild Rhubarb, for seven years.

Susan is one of the incorporators of Screw City Food Co-op and currently holds the position of Vice President.

She believes that becoming an owner of Screw City Food Co-op makes you a part of something bigger: a community of people taking our nourishment into our own hands.

"Let's fasten ourselves to the possibilities that Screw City Food

Co-op can do for our community!"


Raymond Garcia

Raymond moved to Illinois from his native San Antonio, TX in 1990. He retired from the medical profession in 2016 and was a Scoutmaster of Troop 411 for three years. Since 2016, he has owned a five acre farmette where he enjoys raising pigs, chickens,  and turkeys. His wife Sharon has also taught him how to be a gardener. 

Ray joined Screw City Food Co-op in 2018 and has held the position of Treasurer for last two years.

Raymond lives by the farmer wisdom: “There is no diet that will do what  eating healthy does.”